Cranbourne Turf Club, Grant St Cranbourne



Cranbourne Turf Club

 Grant St Cranbourne

By Car: 

Parking is available onsite and included in the entry fee.

By Public Transport: 

  • Catch the train to Cranbourne Train Station- Cranbourne Line.
  •  Bus 791 will take you to Grant St Cranbourne and then it is a short  walk to the showgrounds

Opening hours

Friday 19th April: 10 am- 9 pm

Saturday 20th April: 10 am-9 pm

Sunday 21st April: 10 am-9 pm

Monday 22nd April: 10 am-9 pm

The following activities close at 5pm

Easter Egg Hunt

Animal Farm

Reptile Shows

Circus Workshops

Entry Fee

Entry for children 14 years and under is FREE

Adults $5 each


As we try to keep entry costs as low as possible, we do not offer any discounts or concessions.

Tickets can be pre-purchased or on the day.

Easter Egg Hunt – $10 per child

Ride Tickets

  • 25 tickets $40
  • 50 tickets $ 80
  • 100 tickets $160

Unlimited Ride Wristbands – $50 each

Unlimited ride wristbands are valid for one session on a single day only

Session 1- 11am-3pm

Session 2 – 3pm-7pm

Some ride exclusions apply

How much do the rides cost?

Each ride will require a different amount of tickets. The amount of tickets is set by each operator and will vary between rides.


I have a ride wristband, what rides can I go on?

You can go on the majority of the rides at the show. There are some exclusions due to capacity. The following rides are excluded:

  • Zorb Balls
  • Bungees 4 station
  • Bungees 2 station
  • Meltdown
  • Fury
  • Camel Rides
  • Monster truck rides
Can I go on the rides with my child?

On rides where a child needs to be accompanied

I don’t know if my child will like the rides/ meet the height restrictions, should I buy tickets?

If you are unsure if your child will like the rides, tickets will be available for sale during the show.

When you are at the show you can look at the rides and then make a decision to buy tickets.

Do I need a ticket for the Monster Trucks?

You do NOT need a ticket to watch the monster trucks. If you would like to go on the Monster Truck Ride, it costs $10 per person.

Why are there height and weight restrictions on the rides?

Some rides may have height and/or weight restrictions to allow patrons to ride. These restrictions are put in place by the manufacturers of the rides for safety reasons. For the safety of yourself and your children please observe these restrictions.

How much is the Easter Egg Hunt?

Tickets are $10 each.

Do I have to pre-purchase tickets or can I buy on the day?

Tickets can be purchased on the day, however as each session is limited in the number of children that can participate, it is recommended that you pre-purchase so that you don’t miss out.

I have brought a Groupon / Scoopon voucher, how do I redeem it?

Simply head to the pre-purchased ticket booth on your selected day and show them your voucher. You can then choose your session time and age group.

What ages can participate?

Children from babies up to 12-year-olds can participate. Age-appropriate sessions are held throughout the day.

What time are the Easter Egg Hunt Sessions?

Session times can be found on the Easter Egg Hunt Page. There are several sessions per day for each age group.

How does the Easter Egg Hunt work?

Children that participate in the Easter Egg Hunt are required to collect plastic Easter eggs as shown on their hunting card.

Each session has 1 special Golden egg to be found which attracts a special prize. Additional prizes are for the first child back with the exact eggs matching their hunting card.

At the end of the hunt, children will swap their plastic eggs for a prepackaged bag of chocolate eggs, ensuring that no little people miss out!

What type of Chocolate do you use?

This year we are using Cadbury Chocolate products.

My child is under 4, can I help them?

Most certainly, we love for you to build memories with your little ones and help them collect the eggs.

Do I need to buy a ticket for myself to help my child?

No, you don’t need a ticket to the Easter Egg Hunt to help your child under 4 years.

I have a special needs child, can they participate?

Most certainly, please let the staff know that you have a special needs child and accommodations will be made to ensure that they can participate. You may assist your child as well.

I purchased tickets but now can’t attend?

You can transfer your ticket to another day/time or to another person, contact via Eventbrite.

Do I need to buy tickets to the Monster trucks?

No, the monster truck demonstrations are included in the show entry.

Do I need to buy tickets for the Monster Truck Ride?

Yes, tickets are $10 per person.

What time are the Monster Trucks on?

The Monster Truck demonstrations will be on at 12pm and 7pm each day.

The Monster truck rides will operate throughout the day.

How much is car parking?

Car parking is included in the entry fee and is onsite near the main entrance.

What happens if it rains?

Bring your gumboots! We are an all weather event, all activities will be operating as normal, so channel your inner duck.

Will there be food to buy? or can I bring my own?

We have some amazing food vendors at the show, so you will be able to grab something to tingle your tastebuds.

However, if you have food intolerances, you are more than welcome to bring your own food.

Can I bring my dog?

We love our office pooch as much as you, however as there are lots of little people at our event, please leave your pets at home.

If your pet is a disability assistance dog, please bring them along.

Can I smoke at the event?

In line with the Victorian legislation, our event site is a smoking free area.

Is the Easter Bunny real?

He is most definitely real to us!!